Hello there i want to tell you about an experiment that i did about minerals rocks and the earth. I took a cookie one hard and one soft and used toothpicks to dig into the cookie and take out the chocolate chips. Sort of like the chocolate chips were a diamond and i was a geologist.


What is a geologist?

A geologist is a person who studies minerals rocks and the earth. A geologist takes chunks of a wall or cave and studies the rocks they took to see if they are valuable or not. or a new type.


What types of rock are there.

There are 3 types of rock. sedimentary metamorphic and igneous. Sedimentary is a soft rock that eventually hardens into a rock. Sedimentary is made up of many small rocks. Metamorphic is a rock that is below the ground and is made from earth’s heat which gets formed from the pressure and heat. Igneous rocks are made from a volcano made lava and it hardened which made a rock. if the lava hardens with air bubbles and that makes holes in the rock. There are 2 types of igneous rocks.

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