Self Directed learning – Crystals

                    How important are Crystals.

Hello i am Nathan i Will tell you how important crystals are.
 Many geologists and doctors believe crystals help people mentally sometimes even physically. One of these crystals is amethyst. People believe amethyst helps with anger anxiety sadness and grief. A clear crystal like clear quartz is believed to help heal people physically.

Here is a picture of amethyst


Here is a picture of clear quartz

Different types of Crystals.

There are more crystals that can help you such as. Selenite fluorite Shanugite Hematite Aventurine etc. Most of these crystals can help you emotionally and control stress.

How Crystals are made.

Crystals are solids which are molecules (or atoms) They are arranged from something called a crystal structure. A crystal structure is an unending pattern. Crystals are formed by something called crystallisation. Crystallisation is when a natural process that happens when materials solidify from liquids. This happens from something like a temperature  change or chemical change. 

The price of crystals.

Many different crystals have different prices it can go from a diamond and emerald in hundreds of thousands of dollars to clear quartz which is around 20 dollars. The more expensive crystals are harder to find. For diamonds, miners or geologists would go to a diamond mine because diamond mines would usually have more diamonds in it. Different sizes of crystals can also change the price by a lot. Here is a picture of emerald. green and white crystal fragment

I am also making a shelf where i will put all of the baking soda crystals i am growing. some of the baking soda crystals will be different colours and some will not, they will be different colours because i added dye.

Here is our skit:

Podcast reflection

Hello my name is Nathan and i will tell you about my podcast that i made with a few friends. I made it on Spotify go check it out.

What is a podcast?

A podcast is a digital audio file that is on the internet which people use to listen to many types of stuff.

What did you do on the podcast?

On the podcast, I read a book called the chocolate touch. It was a good book that had not only a fun story but an interesting story. (go read it) where I had different tasks

Image result for The chocolate touch book

to do each week when recording on the podcast. One of them i did is called the investigator where i try to guess what will happen next in the book.

What is your podcast reflection.

For my reflection i did not think i did the worst but not the best. Sometimes I used sarcasm at the wrong time and not the correct wording at moments. Sometimes i would also voice crack but i was not sounding nervous or anything like that. I would probably change the way I would speak sometimes and the amount of times i almost burst out laughing. But i guess having funny humour while recording could be good. It was pretty fun saying jokes sometimes.


Hello there i want to tell you about an experiment that i did about minerals rocks and the earth. I took a cookie one hard and one soft and used toothpicks to dig into the cookie and take out the chocolate chips. Sort of like the chocolate chips were a diamond and i was a geologist.


What is a geologist?

A geologist is a person who studies minerals rocks and the earth. A geologist takes chunks of a wall or cave and studies the rocks they took to see if they are valuable or not. or a new type.


What types of rock are there.

There are 3 types of rock. sedimentary metamorphic and igneous. Sedimentary is a soft rock that eventually hardens into a rock. Sedimentary is made up of many small rocks. Metamorphic is a rock that is below the ground and is made from earth’s heat which gets formed from the pressure and heat. Igneous rocks are made from a volcano made lava and it hardened which made a rock. if the lava hardens with air bubbles and that makes holes in the rock. There are 2 types of igneous rocks.

Nathan’s Sound unit

I want to tell you about my sound unit I’m learning. Sound is a travelling wave which is an oscillation of pressure transmitted through a solid or liquid or gas composed of frequencies within the range of a level of sufficiently strong to be heard or the sensation stimulated in organs of hearing by such vibrations.Professional studio microphone background, Podcast or recording studio banner Broadcasting or podcasting microphone background with copy space Podcasting Stock Photo

Can you tell me a fact about sound and the speed of it.

Fact Sound travels a lot slower than light if it’s in air or water. light travels 186,000 miles a second while sound travels at 770 miles an hour.

Encrypted Digital Currency and Virtual Currency Artificial Intelligence Stock Photo

What are the properties of sound? and how sound travels.

sound is an energy we can hear. sound is associated with vibrations. when something vibrates it moves back and forth quickly. properties of sound. Property.1 sound can be reflected meaning it CAN bounce off things. Property.2 sound can be absorbed meaning it does NOT bounce off things. Property.3 The sound can be modified meaning the pitch and loudness is changed. Property.4 sound is caused by vibrations.

What is a pitch?

A pitch is how high or low a sound can be. a firework would make a high pitch sound, a low pitch sound could be a big drum. A pitch is measured in hertz one hertz means that one sound wave will hit your ear every second. Humans could hear from 20 to 20000 hertz.


 Hello, my name is Nathan and I will tell you what Canada is. Canada is a popular country. Canada is home to around 38 million people. Most of Canada’s population is Christian. Canada has many mountains river fall forests etc. In the winter there is lots of snow usually piling all the beautiful nature around us a Very popular sports people did during the winter was called skiing. But in the summer it is very hot and humid. 

aerial photo of snow covered tree lot

seashore during golden hour

                       Languages in Canada.

Canada has its own language called Canadian French, many people also speak English.

Canada’s national food

Canada also has their own national food called poutine. Poutine is a food that is made with, fries, gravy, and cheese curds.

Canada’s neighboring countries

The USA is one of Canada’s neighbouring countries around 1000 km away.

What days Canada celebrates

Canada celebrates New years Eve, Canada Day, Victoria Day, and Labor day.

Innovation day

Hello i will be telling you about my Innovation day blog.



Pulleys and gears pictures













My innovation slides






My booklet picture





Final video:


My self reflection

A part of the castle i did like was the support beam holding the pulley from falling down a slight part of it was not built properly which caused it to lean over.  I liked how the pulley and gear system worked Just pulling it back and seeing how we could make all this stuff just makes me like it. The only thing i wish i could do differently is adding more detail.

The Polar Habitat

Polar/Arctic Animals and

The Arctic is a habitat. It is at the top of Earth. The Arctic would have an average of -30 C in the winter. There is lots of snow in the Arctic. Some animals that live in the Arctic are a Snowy owl, Polar bear, Arctic tern, Seal, Arctic fox, Arctic squirrel, and Caribou.

Huge high glaciers in winter natural conditions, the sea in ice, snow and blizzards. Arctic winter snowy landscape. 3D Rendering Huge high glaciers in winter natural conditions, the sea in ice, snow and blizzards. Arctic winter snowy landscape. The concept of a winter polar landscape. Antarctica Stock Photo

Animals warmth

Animals that live in the Arctic have to stay warm. Many animals need to have thick fur or thick skin to live in the Arctic such as the Polar bear or a Arctic fox.

Walrus cow Walrus cow with cub on ice floe Walrus Stock Photo

Polar/Arctic oceans

There is an ocean in the arctic. It is called the Arctic Ocean. There are layers of thin and thick ice laying over some parts of it and some animals use the ice to rest and others use it to rest and fish inside the little holes of ice. And if you go further over or on the ice you can see giant ice bergs/cubes floating on the ocean. if you manage to get underwater u can see that the ice bergs/cubes go deep down because some of the water froze underwater while it was next to the ice berg/cube.


Plant life

Some plants in the Polar habitat are lichens, arctic willows, mosses, and an algae. These plants are able to survive the tough climate of the Polar habitat They are also able to survive other harsh climates. Allowing them to grow in a bunch of areas

Polar foods

Some of the most common foods in the Polar habitat are Live stock and meat.  Some animals such as penguins and polar bears would go in or above the water and wait for a fish to come along. They would either grab it with their hands or mouth.

pile of gray fishes

Human impact on the Polar habitat

Humans impact includes: killing animal life up to the point of extinction for economic benefits, Leaving sewage in the oceans, contaminating soils plants and other nutrients, disturbing animals, and Global warming.


Stop Motion Project

Hi my name is Nathan today i will be telling you about a stop motion project i did with some friends. The book is called The wild robot. This is the book cover.


The Wild Robot

Our scene is when Roz (Roz is the wild robot) gets attacked by bears. So she climbs a really big tree but she did not notice the nest with eggs. After some time the bears go away Roz is relieved but then the tree breaks.  All the eggs fall down and break. But then Roz notices one egg not broken she picks it up and walks away. I would say it went well the only part i did not like was the part where Roz fell from the tree it passed so fast.


This is the script.

This is the front page.

This is my storyboard template. This page is a page where we plan out what the scene should look like what we wanted to make.


This is my pre-production it is where you have to draw out your background for the stop motion and label what everything is.

I will show you the actual stop motion.


Here it is if you want to watch it click on it.