The Polar Habitat

Polar/Arctic Animals and

The Arctic is a habitat. It is at the top of Earth. The Arctic would have an average of -30 C in the winter. There is lots of snow in the Arctic. Some animals that live in the Arctic are a Snowy owl, Polar bear, Arctic tern, Seal, Arctic fox, Arctic squirrel, and Caribou.

Huge high glaciers in winter natural conditions, the sea in ice, snow and blizzards. Arctic winter snowy landscape. 3D Rendering Huge high glaciers in winter natural conditions, the sea in ice, snow and blizzards. Arctic winter snowy landscape. The concept of a winter polar landscape. Antarctica Stock Photo

Animals warmth

Animals that live in the Arctic have to stay warm. Many animals need to have thick fur or thick skin to live in the Arctic such as the Polar bear or a Arctic fox.

Walrus cow Walrus cow with cub on ice floe Walrus Stock Photo

Polar/Arctic oceans

There is an ocean in the arctic. It is called the Arctic Ocean. There are layers of thin and thick ice laying over some parts of it and some animals use the ice to rest and others use it to rest and fish inside the little holes of ice. And if you go further over or on the ice you can see giant ice bergs/cubes floating on the ocean. if you manage to get underwater u can see that the ice bergs/cubes go deep down because some of the water froze underwater while it was next to the ice berg/cube.


Plant life

Some plants in the Polar habitat are lichens, arctic willows, mosses, and an algae. These plants are able to survive the tough climate of the Polar habitat They are also able to survive other harsh climates. Allowing them to grow in a bunch of areas

Polar foods

Some of the most common foods in the Polar habitat are Live stock and meat.  Some animals such as penguins and polar bears would go in or above the water and wait for a fish to come along. They would either grab it with their hands or mouth.

pile of gray fishes

Human impact on the Polar habitat

Humans impact includes: killing animal life up to the point of extinction for economic benefits, Leaving sewage in the oceans, contaminating soils plants and other nutrients, disturbing animals, and Global warming.


Stop Motion Project

Hi my name is Nathan today i will be telling you about a stop motion project i did with some friends. The book is called The wild robot. This is the book cover.


The Wild Robot

Our scene is when Roz (Roz is the wild robot) gets attacked by bears. So she climbs a really big tree but she did not notice the nest with eggs. After some time the bears go away Roz is relieved but then the tree breaks.  All the eggs fall down and break. But then Roz notices one egg not broken she picks it up and walks away. I would say it went well the only part i did not like was the part where Roz fell from the tree it passed so fast.


This is the script.

This is the front page.

This is my storyboard template. This page is a page where we plan out what the scene should look like what we wanted to make.


This is my pre-production it is where you have to draw out your background for the stop motion and label what everything is.

I will show you the actual stop motion.


Here it is if you want to watch it click on it.


Natural light is light that is naturally occurring meaning it is not man-made, and these sources do not need humans to create light artificial light is light that is created by humans meaning it is not naturally occurring in the environment and it needs humans to create light.Light travels in a straight line so it has to reflect off something to give light to all of us such as if its smooth ground light bounces off in 1 line. but if it is something like waves its more bumpy so it reflects with multiple light rays.

Coating one side of a piece  with shiny metals creates a mirror, reflecting light coming to it.Window  glass can only reflect 8 percent of light hitting it while mirrors can reflect 95 percent of light hitting them. mirrors are usually coated with aluminium and silver which causes most of the reflection.

Light is an electrical and magnetic combination of energy that can pass through transparent and translucent objects. Non luminous objects are those that do not produce their own light. A mirror is an example of a non luminous objectLemon in a non-symmetrical cut, isolated on a white background. with outline Breakfast Stock Photo

Light travels as a wave. but unlike sound waves or water waves, it does not need any matter or material to carry its energy along. This means that light can travel through i vacuum a completely airless space light also exhibits  characteristics of both waves and particles, latter of which are described as packets of energy called photons. These waves or photons, travel in narrow beams called rays. Only when light rays move from one medium to another such as air to water, are their linear paths altered

Transparent objects are those things that we can see through, translucent objects are not completely clear or transparent, but allow some light to pass through them, and opaque objects completely block light from passing through themrippling crystal blue water



I really enjoyed making this blog I’m kind of a science guy so i find this really fun. I think science is going well this year. I would like to improve in history not the best in it. I would like to learn about the ocean in the future.



My recount

 To begin with, my family went on a trip a few months ago. I don’t really like the idea of traveling but always have fun when I get there. We started to drive to Montreal which was a long 2 hour drive To pass the time. I slept, talked with my brother and watched a few videos on his phone. When we finally arrived we went to a very modern and nice hotel. The best part of the hotel was the bed fights. My brother and I would fight on the bed and it was fun! We stayed at it for 2 days.  Next, after staying in the hotel room for 3 to 4 hours, we decided to go outside. We went for a walk and to a bagel shop. We ate very good croissants. It was amazing, lots of nature and overall an amazing city.I really want to go back to Montreal to enjoy everything once again but maybe i can do another thing this time.  Then we went to an outdoor pool for 2 hours. There were not very many people there which was awesome. Finally we drove back to Ottawa. I hope to go back to Montreal one day but would rather go in the winter so I could maybe go skiing.;